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    How about a program that lets you control a TV through the IR port? Man you could play a ton of tricks with that.
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    Omni remote by Pacific Neo-Tek. I never have to worry where the kids stached the remote.
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    Any free ones?
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    Try PowerRemote... I actually got it to work on my Visor Deluxe (unlike OmniRemote which never seemed to see my remotes). ZDnet has a review and download link at

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    Be sure and get the Visor-compatible OmniRemote beta directly from Pacific NeoTech.

    It works well, and the earlier releases don't.


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    Ah, so that's probably why it didn't work for me last night. It kept saying that there was too much ambient light, even though I tried it in a pitch black closet. I'll give the Visor-specific one a try.
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    I dl'ed and installed the Visor version (115beta) and it works like a charm. Pretty good distance on it too.

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    I installed the Visor-specific version of OmniRemote. However, the buttons work once and then not anymore. After programming the power button, I succeeded in turning the TV off, and it did nothing after that. The channel selector changed about 3 channels and stopped. Anybody else having this problem?

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