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    I just can't get over how great the 650 is. I'm sitting here in my recliner watching football, while listening to my favorite classic jazz streaming radio station via pTunes. I just checked my email with Chatter. Then I caught up on the news via Blazer. And am now reading and posting to TC. The faster processor makes doing all this so easy. I've yet to have any buffering problems in pTunes. The new keyboard makes entering text so much easier. And finally the new screen is just fantastic. This is one great little device.
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    Same here. Love it. My only problem is streaming music but it might be because I only get 1 to 2 bars here in the house (where I dont use 650 anyway). I'll have to check it again out in the world.
    Gregg G. - New Orleans, LA
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    I've been amazed at how great the streaming is with the 650. No problems at all with 64kbps. I even had a 128kbps station playing a while ago. I was so happy that I could stream with no problems.
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    I'm generally satisfied. Using Zlauncher and a 1GB card, I'm able to get all of the apps I want loaded. The keyboard is so much better than the T600. BlueTooth opens many new doors. I'm using BT much more than I thought I would. Streaming radio is great too. Voice quality of builtin speaker isn't great but is acceptable, much better with headset.

    I've bypassed the memory issue but I'm looking forward to the next firmware upgrade. I hope they find a way to launch apps directly from SD card w/out needing Zlauncher. My Zodiac does it (OS5) so why can't Treo?
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