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    I get the "that port is in use" msg often. What Ive found as a sometimes workaround... is to shut down both Hotsync and your BT radio. Turn them both back on after a few seconds and make sure that when you go to your HotSync config area that whichever port youve set up as your virtual port is open.

    If this continues to happen... I might suggest uninstalling that port and/or any port youve created for this in the past and start fresh. That includes deleting the pairing in both your lapper and your Treo.
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    Even after a fresh start tho my widcomm driver is still VERY finnicky. Not sure if its Palm or Widcomm. All I know is that it sucks and isnt consistant or reliable.
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    prolly widcomm- there is no way to shut it off other than disconnecting the USB adapter - its a cheap POS and I should get another- can anyone name a good reasonably priced alternative? I want to hotsync via BT and use PDAnet as well
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    Perhaps I'm fortunate, but I've only had that problem a couple of times in the last couple of years. For me, I just rebooted/reset and that seemed to clear it up. I never could figure out who/what else was using the BT port.

    Perhaps you've seen this before, but remember on the laptop that ther serial COM port you've assigned to BT is not the default after a windows boot. For me, it's assigned to COM4 - I don't believe it can be assigned to COM1. After a Windows reboot, HotSync will default to COM1 so I always have to go into HotSync->Setup->Local to switch to COM4 to clear the "The selected port, blah blah, is not available at this time. HotSync Manager will open the port when it becomes available" dialog.
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