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    I've noticed that my phone frequently forgets my General volume setting (the one that controls the volume of system clicks, alerts, etc). It seems that it frequently reverts to the loudest setting (level 4) from my preferred setting (level 1).

    Anyone else noticed this behavior?
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    I have noticed this too. I have seen it after I have done a reset. Battery removal, on the other hand does not cause it for me. You're not the only one....
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    Yep. I'll set the system sound to like a 2 or so, and a little later when I hotsync, it's blasting my speaker out (the start/end tone). I go back into the sound prefs, and set it back to a 2. WTF?
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    I noticed that if you set "System Volume" to Off, then set some value to "Game Volume", system volume will not actually go off. Only if I change the System Volume value LAST before leaving the app will it stick. Weird. Probably applies too when you set System Volume to any other value?
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    There's definitely funky stuff going on here with the sound settings and controls...
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    I am constantly changing the sound controls on my 650!!
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    <phew> Thought I was the only one with this problem.
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    I want to take mine in for a replacement. But most of the time if they swap out your phone, the "error" or "problem" you are having with it has to be reproducable right then & there...
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    This sounds like a software bug, thus not fixable by replacement. I think there's a thread around here about software bugs tht need fixing. Might want to post this there, too.
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    hi all, wonder if anyone managed to solve this yet... yes my system volume won't stay put and it's sooo annoying...
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    Happens to me too.. I've just learned to deal with it. Whenever I call someone or vice versa I just raise the volume in case. It's a pita, but I do it anyway.
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    I have fixed this problem with the System sounds in ProfileCare. This is really a general Palm OS problem. The 650 just magnifies the behavior. What happens is that there are 2 storage locations for the system sounds. The preferences application and internally inside of the operating system. ProfileCare knows how to adjust both so when you adjust the setting in ProfileCare your changes immediately take effect and they are retained (as long as no one touches the preferences application setting). There is also a reapply option in PC that allows you to re-set the sounds if they somehow get changed.

    Another thing people may not realise is the System sound on the 650 is a combination of the System sounds *and* the Alarm sounds. Internally these are separate but the 650 lumps them together into one preference. This means that you *must* have system sounds on (and keyclicks/startup/shutdown sounds) to hear applications that generate general alarms!! ProfileCare fixes this limitation as well by giving you full control over all 3 "general" 650 sound types - System, Alarm and Game.

    Another interesting thing is that the 650 limited you to 5 levels of sound volume with System and Game sounds. ProfileCare has opened this up and gives you 65 levels of volume selection.

    Hope this all helps and sorry for the "commecial" as I described the behavior of the "general" sound types in the 650.

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    Wouldn't it make sense for this to be part of VolumeCare as well?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OpasM
    Wouldn't it make sense for this to be part of VolumeCare as well?
    Well the reverse is true though. VC is 100% contained in ProfileCare. Just too much effort to do both. The reason VC exists is that I had a few requests to split out the Speaker Volume function from ProfileCare and make a standalone product.

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    I see. Is there an upgrade program from VC to PC?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OpasM
    I see. Is there an upgrade program from VC to PC?
    If you mistakenly purchased VC because you did not realize PC had this function, then I will gladly apply the payment of VC towards the purchase of PC.

    All I will need is proof of VC purchase and then I will send you a PayPal link for either $7.50 or $12.50. The second price would be if you also wanted to include ScheduleCare in the purchase.

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    Volumecare rocks... now my speaker is loud enough to have a decent conversation using my speakerphone !!!
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    My Treo does this too. Hopefully it will be fixed in a software update...
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    I had a similar problem with my Treo 600. The quick fix for me was to set my hotsynch preferences so that the handheld overwrites the desktop.

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    I have posted a new Early Release of VolumeCare. Takes care:

    Incoming calls
    Restoring Sound Volumes after a call is completed
    Loud Alarm Sounds

    Still working on restoring LOUD headset volume if you manually change volume settings.


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