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    Probably another newbie qustion here, but here goes...

    Are Documents to Go and Treo Voice Dialing two programs that I should definitely keep on the 650 itself and not on my SD card?

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    Do a serach. There is a small Docs to Go app that will move most it to the SD card. The core still needs to be in memory.
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    Most any app that syncs with its own conduit needs to remain in main memory. Exception is when you have a launcher or such that provides a "stub" for hotsync manager to find at sync time. But that only works if the conduit doesn't need to activate the app at sync time (many do in order to sort or have the app do other utility functions at the time of sync. A stub will not suffice in those cases). Keep in mind that programs such as calendar replacements (Agendus, Datebk, etc.) do not normally "sync" with the desktop. They rely on the standard conduits for the built in app to do the syncing. So many of those apps are safe to move to a memory card. I don't know for sure, but Agendus desktop may be an exception to moving Agendus onto a card. This is something that PalmOne really hasn't mentioned in its "fix" for the memory issue. You really can't be moving most syncing apps to the a card (with the exception of those that I mentioned that piggyback on built-in apps conduits)

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