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    I see a lot of you guys format all your music to MP3 format at 128kbps to save space on cards, i have a few files that are wma and 192 kbps, is there a program to convert from WMA to MP3 AND most importantly convert my entire music collection to 128kbps.
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    Pocket Tunes, the latest Version alows you to play WMA and Ogg formats...Also, if you look on a "" and search WMA to MP3, you'll get a lot of sites w/ even "freeware" to do the can even try ""....
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    I know pocket tunes plays wma, but i really want to convert all the songs to 128kbps so it takes up a lot less space. i tried google, but the one i bought sucked, i was wondering if anyone had any experience with one in particular.
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    Whoa...WMA at 192kbps....that's pretty high. Relates to about 224kbps in MP3. By far most people won't notice any audio improvement over 192kbps MP3, or 160kbps WMA. As for conversion, I think Windows Media Player can actually do that, as long as you can figure out how to "add a device" and then save the files to local disk before transfer, WMP can convert files in the process of transferring (to that local disk location).
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    WMP only converts when you rip cd's. I want to find a program that will allow me select an entire folder of 300+ songs click MP3 and 128kbps and then reformat the entire folder.
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    Check out DB Power Amp. I'm not sure if it will do batch files, but it's great for changing file types and bitrates. I used to use it to convert my 192 kb mp3s into lower quality on my old Toshiba PPC to save space.
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    You can use "WMA Workshop" to do this. It will pretty much convert from any format to any other format and rate. It will also do batch conversions. I use it to convert my 128 MP3s and 128 WMAs to 64 WMAs to use in portable players. This is what I also plan to use for converting for playing on my a650.
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    Real Player lets you convert to virtually any speed. I have been converting to 112kbps, but that has proved to have bad sound quality using an FM transmitter for my car (though I'm not sure why it would make any difference). I'm using 192kbps, now. It seems to make a difference. I don't notice a difference when using high quality canal-phones or when hooked to my stereo, though. Anyhow, the whole point was to let you know that Real Player appears to do what you are trying to accomplish. Also, sync'ing music is much faster (it would seem) than with other software which uses HotSync.

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