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    Being new to the Palm platform, I'd like to start using a database that can import CSV text files exported out of Access, be relational, and sort in a number of ways.

    Between ThinkDB, HanDbase, and JFile, which database is considered "industry standard" for the PalmOS.

    I know that most of them pretty much have some of the same functionality, but I don't want to be left out in the dust if one of them ceases to exist in the near future.

    Any suggestions?
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    I also have uses for a database that could be converted from MS Access.... so this is one thread I'll be keeping my eye on
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    I contacted the author of HanDBase with a similar question. HanDBase can certainly export/import CSV files. In future versions, the author assured me, it will be even more directi. That is, you'll be able to directly import/export access database files.

    There's a large number of available HanDBase databases available, but the same can be said of JFile. I did not look at ThinkDB for very long, because it causes a large number of errors in the POSE debug ROM.

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    At this point in time, JFIle is not a relational database. HanDBase is relational.
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    You definitely should take a look at the new ThinkDB. The new version recently released is fantastic! You can create your own forms and views, also you get a nice desktop program where you can edit the data, it is years ahead of JFile and HandBase. Their web site is

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