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    anyone else having problems with the battery lid not sitting 100% snug?

    it's has a slight shifting movement, which seems like it wouldn't be a big deal, but when your holding it in one hand for one-handed operations, sometimes it feels like a button got pressed twice because of that movement...It's really annoying. Anyone else have this? Is this something I can exchange the phone for?
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    Fits as snug as a bug in a rug here.
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    Try sticking a slightly thicker piece of foam on the inside of the battery cover. I think that is how P1 "solved" this fit problem. Perhaps your little piece of foam is just a tad too thin.
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    Mine feels a tiny bit shifty and I'm not happy with the construction of the battery cover. Those 4 little plastic "feet" that slide in to lock it in are flimsy to me. I've always used those self-adhesive belt clips on my previous Treos but would never trust the integrity of the 650's backside for one now.

    I'm looking at the holsters being offered now and they appear "bulky". Have any of you purchased and used these? Does the Treo 650 easily snap in and out?

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    my friend and i both have the 650 and they both do not sit perfect and are a little shifty. I ordered the case from treo central and it should arrive in about a week.
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    I solved it!!

    its perfect, doesn't move even in the slightest.

    A co-worker noticed that the foam on the inside of the lid isn't perfectly centered, and in fact the side that it is far from is the side that shifts.

    So what I did was take the "soft" half of an adhesive velcro strip, and cut a small piece and placed it next to the foam inside the lid. Pictures attached. The lid does not shift in the slightest!!
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    I wouldn't call mine 'shifty' but it certainly COULDN'T be more solid than the 600... I am NOT a fan of removable batteries... I know I am admiting something horrible about myself... truly the only good point I see to removable battery is the HIGH capacity battery that I hope they release soon.. not that I need it but I'd carry a phone with a small nuclear device if it meant not have to worry about my charge ;o)
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    wow. I thought I was the only one noticing the battery cover shiftiness. It looks like my "foam" isn't centered either. Thanks for the tip. I'm optimistic that my Vaja T65 case will be an alternate (albeit pricier ) solution.
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    Mine is shifty also. Foam isn't centered. I'll try the velcro fix. Thanks!
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    i've had the same problem but now I'll try the posted solution. My battery cover is a little loose which is annoying for such an expensive device.
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    Mine is shifty too, and squeaks a little. I will try the velcro fix and it wont matter once I get the Sena case.
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    The velcro fix is in - works like a champ.
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    wow - I thought I was the only one who had that problem! Yes, if you're looking at the phone face up, the back left side is really shifty and squeaks when using the keyboard. Need to get a case or try the velcro fix coz it gets especially annoying when using the keyboard for a length of time
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    I took one of my business cards and stuck it in the more squeaking!! Works great.
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    I did the velcro fix and works like a charm. Didn't realize just how ANNOYING the loose lid was until I fixed it.
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    The Business card fix is one that has been suggested for Years for Cell phones ...
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    Velcro worked like a charm. It seems like just about everything works a little better with velcro or double-sided sticky tape attached to it.
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    My first 650 was fine even though the foam was off center. Myreplacement 650 was squeeky even though the foam was centered, the foam was slightly too thin. Replacing the foam with the velcro pad makes it nice and snug and quiet!
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    Gee. I thought I was the only person who had this problem. The squeeky cover made the 650 feel more flimsy than my 600. I tried the business card trick and it's better. I think I'll try to find a piece of thin foam for a more permanent fix.
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    I had some thin stick-on cork dots and one did the trick.
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