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    I have the TREO 650 and have some questions about the apps I bought.

    Is it possible to assign a ringer to just a contact rather than a specific phone number for that contact? For example, my sister has a work, and cell phone number but I have to indicate a specific number to attach a ringer rather than the entire contact.

    I created a shortcut of an app and moved it into a new tab. I realized that the shortcut had the same file size as the actual one. When I move the copy down to the trash folder, am I going to get rid of the actual program .

    Thanks for the feedback
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    I am not familiar with Ringo Pro, but I am with ZL.

    Did you just create a shortcut for the program? Why did you NOT just change the category of the program to the new tab you created?

    Or did you mean to MOVE the program (and it's related DBs) to your SD card (this automatically creates a shortcut for you)?

    Normally the shortcut (which has an asterick at the end of the program's name) is NOT the same size as the program (it must be that the program is still in RAM), when you 'trash' it or delete it, make sure you uncheck related db's, etc... if you do all it will erase is the shortcut... if not then you probably won't delete the program but you will delete any preference files.

    Sorry for the long-winded reply (just want to be thorough)
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    Thanks for the info jmg.

    I know I created a shortcut for the problem. I wanted to leave all the stuff as it was and create a new tab of the most frequent programs I used. I guess I should have MOVE the programs and DB's but I wanted the palm to do the things I wanted if for some reason i didn't have my card in there. thanks.

    Is is okay to use ZL to remove the tutorials and other stuff I know I don't use that came with the Palm or will that cause issues?
    (be as winded in your response as you'd like- the more info the better)

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    Moved to utilities.

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