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    I just got the Treo650 and LOVE it, I bought some programs to go with it and am not sure if I am working them right. Am I missing something or are these shortcomings of the program?

    *Can't use the number pad to dial a number when in Beyond

    *It looks like there are two databases on my palm?!?!?

    *I update a date of birth in Beyond but it doesn't show up in the Palm contacts?

    *Can't find a Call Log in Beyond

    *Can't attach photo to a contact in Beyond

    Any info would be appreciated.
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    Yes, there are 2 databases on your phone essentially... one from the PalmContacts and one from BeyondContacts. As far as keeping them in sync there was an option during install I believe, but all you need to do is go into your Hotsync Manager "Custom" menu and set all Contact, Address, etc... to Synchronize. As far as dial-pad goes your can choose a contact within BC and dial from there or just click on the Dial Pad button to flip over to that screen. There is no Call Log persay in BC, so you'll need to use Palm's which can be reached by clicking the Phone button on the Treo 650. Photos and special rings attached to Contacts has to be done within PalmContacts, so as long as they're in sync you should be good.
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    I don't have a 650 yet but have been a long-time user of BC on T600.

    Synchronizing BC and Palm contacts - on hotsynch icon on PC tray, rightclick and choose Custom, then select Beyond Contacts. On that setup you'll see a Contacts button, click it and enable the option....that will setup the BC/Palm contacts synch.

    DOB - in looking at the Palm contacts, I did not see a field mapped as DOB. This field does exist in BC but if there is not a corresponding field in Palm contacts it won't have anything to synch with.

    Hope this helps.
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    Funny thing is that birthdays stored in outlook will sync to BC, but will not then sync to the palm T650 contacts. I think this is to save vital memory, since all we need in T650 contacts is for caller ID and speedial.
    Oddly, if you add a picture to T650 contacts, it will not sync with Outlook, and if you have a picture in outlook, it will not sync with T650.

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