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    I was at and looking at SimCity for the Palm. It looks like fun, but it is expensive and they have no demo. Does anybody know if this is worth it?
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    yes i have. it's a cool port of the origianl sim city.

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    Thanks--But how playable is it? Can you save multiple games and stufF? Does it have scenarios?
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    You can save multiple games and beam them to others... It runs great...

    No scenarios but it does have disasters!
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    There are definitely still a few bugs in it, such as when I save a city and come back to it later, the evaluation screen reports the population as zero! However - I can't deny that I've already spent hours playing it It's very cool.
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    $29.99 is expensive? Actually, I do remember the days when such was the case...

    My payment is on it's way... SimCity is my favorite game of all time. Also, I think the simplicity of the original version is perfect for POS.
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    It's a great game I think.. so far.

    There are a few problems I have with it though. it's VERY easy to put a building in the wrong place, especially if it's your first time placing one of that type. I like to make my buildings in a U shape and it was hell until I figured out which part it placed it at (top left of the building where you touch the stylus).

    I'd hate to put a stadium in the wrong spot. I'd wish they made a little demo for people to try, but oh well, it's good anyway.
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    I had the same problem too when I first played it. It took awhile to figure out the upper-left trick. I tend to think that they must have explained this in a user manual or something for registered users.
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    i like it! i took a risk and bought it without trying it first. It's worth the $30 if you loved the game when you were younger =). The only problem is the Palm-screen is so dang small.

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