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    Let m e start by saying I have own Treos since the 300's cames out. I'm not a super Treo Geek (I use the word "Geek" affectionately) but my knowledge of Treos is above average. I am also a very proficent Mac user.

    So, I just got my Treo 650 and the everytime I connect my Sync Cable to my Treo 650 it automatically starts to Sync. When the sycn finished I have to remove the cable from my Treo 650 inorder to use it. If I leave the cable plugged into the the 650 it does not allow me to use the device like I use to with the 600. The 5 way-nav does not work, none of the onscreen or offscreen buttons work. It's like it's frozen... but the moment I remove the cable from the 650 everything works normally. Also the button on the Sync cable does not work... it does not initiate syncing. The only way to get my Treo to sync is to unplug and then plug in the Sync cable to my Treo.

    I'm also having iCal syncing problems but I'll thread that later. One problem at a time.

    Any constructive feedback would be appreciated.

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    Sounds like a bad cable -- I have none of those issues with mine.
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    I agree, sounds like the cable. Do you have access to another computer you can hook up to? All you need is the USB port, no software. If when you hook things up, the Treo tries to sync, you've narrowed it down to the cable or the Treo. Now if we only had more 650s in the world you could possibly try to use it with your cable...or if there were more cables....

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