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    Has anyone encountered a problem with their T650 regarding the sytem sounds/clicks? I've turned off the annoying "system volume" but eventually the sounds/clicks turn itself back on. Even though the screen shows that it's off, it continues to make these sounds/clicks. Do I have a bad T650? HELP!!!
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    This is most definitely a bug in the system software. I shut the system sound off and they still play after I do certain functions. Very annoying.

    Overall, I'm finding more bugs and annoyances with the 650 than I ever did with the 600.
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    Yep, I've found that to be the case as well.
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    Same here. Thankfully it's currently off!
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    Try the keyClicks hack. It works very well for eliminating the annoying key clicks without modifying your other sound settings. It works very well with YAHM. If you don't know what I'm talking about, do a search on the terms in bold.
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    Yep, I've noticed this too. Had my 650 for a total of 3-days. Turned off system sounds on day-1 and they mysteriously came back on later that day. Toggled sounds on-off and everything went quiet ...but only for a short while. Looks like this is going to be a daily routine.
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    I noticed that the system sounds keep reseting to volume level of 4, even though I change it to 1.
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    I could not find the keyclicks hack anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction?
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    Try hitting the "off" box several times in Prefs/Sounds & Alerts/General/System Volume until the click sound stops - that should do it.
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    On my 650 I change the volume from 4 to 2, because I get an annoying static sound in my speaker at 4, and it miraculously changes itself back to 4 on its own. Its amazing how many bugs this device has. And its all due to the NVFS. I don't get it. The 600 was perfect.
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    I've found that when you have it on 1, then hit the silent mode switch up top, it switches to 4. And I've also had a funny sounding speaker when playing music and some ringers. Sometimes it sounds like the speaker is blown out. Has anyone else noticed this too?
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    Yes, and it's driving me crazy, as welll as the mulitpule clicks that you get to conferm and action sometimes.I get several clicks in place of the single click sometimes. I notice the system volume changes to lound when I use the Voice Recorderd from the tungstan too. Sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mogulman
    I noticed that the system sounds keep reseting to volume level of 4, even though I change it to 1.
    Hi mogulman, did you eventually solve this? I dug this thread out cos I am going nuts with my sys vol always going back up to level 4 despite the setting reflecting 1 and decided to see if there's a solution out there...
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    I'd really like to hear about this solution too (having system sound on, but no key clicks). I located the hack (Suppress KeyClick Sound) on Palmgear, but using it with Tealmaster, and my verizon 650, I still get the clicks if system sound is on.
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    This bug was fixed in fw1.23 - at least I did not have this problem on the Beta.
    With 1.28 it's back again :|
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