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    Well the whopping two pages I browsed through of the mulitmedia forums didn't seem to help too much. So I was wondering how I could simply decrease the video resolution of a downloaded file..... movie file.

    the error I get reads....

    " The video resolution is much larger that the screen size and this device cant decode it in real time. Please re-encode the video with a lower video resolution"

    I'll prolly get flamed for this cause it might of already been answered but I don't have too much time to run around looking for a small portion of the answer throughout various sites. Hence why I came here. If anyone can tell me where I can find a program thall do this... and is free would be greatly appreciated. I've tried three just from typing in video encoder on and those didnt do what I wanted. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
    - Brian
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    Whatever app you're using to compress them for your Treo should(?) have a size option. Set this to 160 x 120
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    I need a software link to be able to make the movie smaller so it can playback on my treo 600. Thanks in advance
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    Follow the link above. Step by step instuctions along with links to actual software assuming you're on a PC.

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