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    I've had my Treo 600 for a month or so now and typically sync everyday.
    Twice I've had it randomly decide to re-install every program and data file I've ever tried on it (not just ones currently on the treo). It ends up running out of memory (big surprise) and the Treo goes into endless restart loops. I have to do a hard reset and lose any data I've put on since the last time. Luckily I backed up the SD card a few days earlier and could do a restore but still lost data.

    Has anyone had this problem before? If so what causes it and how to prevent it?
    I'm on a Mac so it could be the HotSync app on the Mac.
    Seems like I either have to backup to SD if I've added data I want to hold on to before syncing and/or I haveto go into the backup file area and delete anytthing and everything that's not actually currently on my device.
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    I had this problem on my Treo 300. The culprit was actually Avantgo wireless synching. When I would sync Avantgo wirelessly, it seemd to somehow alter my hotsync data so that the comp would always think it necessary to reinstall backuped programs. I found the only "solution" was to stop using avantgo.
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    Interesting. The first time it happened I don't think I had Avantgo on the Treo but certainly the last time or two I have. I noticed in the Hotsync app that when it started to happen every conduit was marked Never for last hot sync when in fact it had been earlier that same day.
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    Yeah, that's exactly how it happened for me. Let it complete one more reinstall of everything so that it no longer says 'never'. Then do not run Avantgo, at least for a week or two, and I'm very confident the problem will not reappear.
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    From Palm Technical support:
    This issue is caused that the system was not able to grant permissions to it user to access a folder.
    To resolve this issue, I suggest that you do the following to resolve your issue:
    1. In the finder, search for the files com.palm.HS
    2. Delete this file and run HotSync®.
    3. If you get the error, or can’t HotSync, check that Transport Monitor & Palm Desktop Background is only running once by using Process Viewer under Jaguar, or Activity Viewer under Panther. Try to HotSync.
    4. Run the “Repair Disk Permissions” utility if your still experience the same problem.
    If this will not solve your issue please do this work around:
    1. Follow this path hard disk/Users/username/documents/palm/users
    2. Drag all the files from this directory to your desktop except for the Palm Users

    3. Then run HotSync.

    Run the HotSync operation to download the entries to your handheld.

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