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    I go to type a new message and the To, CC, BCC, Subject and Body text defaults to the option data entry for the first keystroke. Meaning that in ANY of those fields, if I want to type a g, it enters a 6, I then have to go back, then it deafults to CAPS and it puts in a G. I can deal with the CAPS but anyone else having a problem with the option issue? I am really frustrated with VersaMail:

    Signature size limited
    Can't choose to include signature on replies or forwards
    ActiveSync a pain to set up
    Navigation not as intuitive as on the T600

    I just downloaded SnapperMail 2 and will start playing with it, but why should I use up such precious memory when there is a program in ROM? I was so happy with the mail program on the T600.

    Can someone help? Thanks.
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    Sounds like some kind of hardware issue. I have 100's of contacts and it just starts matching against my address book (quite nice). I have to say VersaMail works better than SnapperMail but you seem to be having quite a few problems with it. Let us know if SnapperMail makes your life better.
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    Hmm ... have to agreed with Tim again. I don't have the data entry problem either. The other issues are valid, but I write them off as early version annoyances, especially given the price. I paid for Snappermail prior to the 650 (as a Treo 300 user), so I'm not knocking the program (it's nice), but why have two email clients when one is free and does pretty much everything the other one does?
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    I actually decided to go with Chatter and am happy I did. I didn't even know what I was missing on the T600 by not using IMAP. So, now that I know IMAP is the way to go, it still would have been nice to get VersaMail IMAP working (only for the fact that it is already in ROM), but Chatter has instant syncing and Marc's customer service is phenomenal. The program is not as large as SnapperMail either and although it is less expensive, the price was not a deciding factor for me.
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    Sorry for the dumb question, but what is IMAP? I simply want to get my business email, which I normally retreive from Outlook Express. The mail server is the same extension as our website, but the outgoing SMTP goes through a different server with my hosting. Any suggestions?

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