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    I would prefer to use the VersaMail that came with my Treo 650, but I have yet to be able to get it to work right using IMAP with my Exchange 2003 server. It connects and downloads fine, but I can't get it to delete email off of the server (even though it's set to do that), keep the read/unread marks in sync, or delete email off of the 650 after it's been deleted off of my server inbox.

    All of the above works great with SnapperMail 2.1. Has anyone overcome these issues, or is it safe to assume VersaMail is just not compatible with Exchange 2003 Server via IMAP?

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    Can't help you with ES2003, but as a reference point...IMAP with Exchange 2000 Server works like a charm....
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    I think you just need to "empty" the trash on the 650. It will delete auto magically after a few days on its own but you need to do it manually to immediately see the results.
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    Did you have any luck solving this problem? I am having the same issues.


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