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The 400 Bad Request error, if intermittent, means that the connection was interrupted or timed out. This is going to happen on the Treo from time to time since any cellular network is not as reliable as a landline connection. If this happens, wait a minute or two and try again. If you have a very large inbox, or a very full calendar, and try to sync everything, this error is more likely to happen. Consider only syncing a smaller subset of your mail and events (if that's possible from the Treo client - I still don't have one so I don't know for sure this possible).
I have not been able to receive "push" email for the past couple of weeks. This is a brief description of the problem: my Treo was working fine, activesync email and all, for the first 6 months that I owned it. Then, a few weeks ago, the servers at my firm failed, including the exchange server. When the IT guys rebilt the servers, my Treo would no longer sync with the server. I tried everything, and finally resorted to the hard reset. After that, the Treo would sync fine until I installed the Exchange Activesync update, which would allow me to again receive "push" email. Once the update is installed, the Treo will not communicate with the server, and it gives me the 400 Bad Request error. I then have to do a hard reset to get rid of the Activesync update. I got my phone replaced through my wireless carrier, and still the same problem (so it's obviously not the phone).

The IT guy at my firm with whom I have been working to solve this problem is stumped. He has a different Windows Mobile device that is working perfectly. Do you all have any suggestions? Why would my phone be able to communicate just fine with the Exchange server without the Activesync update installed, and then fail to communicate with the server at all with the Activesync update installed, and give me the 400 Bad Request error? Any information that I could pass along to IT would be greatly appreciated.