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    2 magnets from Home Depot
    super glue
    extra large paper clamp

    step 1: glue 2 magents together, wait until dried
    step 2: put large bead of super glue onto back of the magnets
    step 3: drop an object (nut, anthing else will work) on one side of the bead to get the tilt of the mount
    step 4: put large paper clamp onto the glue
    step 5: wait unti it dries
    step 6: put electric tape onto the mounting side to prevent possible scratches on treo

    Mount like this will slide onto a vent and faced driver with slight tilt.

    picture 1
    picture 2
    picture 3
    picture 4
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    Can you take a pic of the setup in your car? Does it sway around during driving? I'm a bit confused about step three??? Explain?

    Treo Moblog:
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    It's very stable while driving. Paper clamp holds it very well.
    In step 3 by putting some kind of small object (I've used a small nut) you'll create a tilt so the clam does not rest flat on the magents. I'll take a picture later today and post
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    here are the pics
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    I wonder if attaching a device with all the electronics to two strong magnets like that would harm the phone?
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