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    Has anyone noticed significantly slower response from the 650? I'm talking specifically about placing calls - there is a one to two secon lag after a call is initiated.
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    There's lag all over the 650.. I never know if it's actually waiting to do something, frozen stiff or i just didn't hit the right button.
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    I'm beginning to think there is a bad production run or a second factory or something as there seem to be folks experiencing unreal delays in simple use and others like me who have a unit which is functioning normally.
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    I have experienced the slow dialing when coming from contacts or from the call log. So I tried an experiment. I dialed the number from the keypad and counted until the call screen appeared. It was less that one second. I then tried to dial the same number from the call log, it took more than 5 seconds.

    It is definitely a delay cause by the number coming from the NAND flash memory for the call log dialed number. I don't think there is any solution to this as it is part of how we are protected from memory loss upon battery change. In other words, it is operating exactly as designed and it does seem like a step backwards for performance, but a step forward for data integrity. Not sure if the trade off is worth it.

    Frustration each time we dial or do any other function on the 650 or worry about losing the memory when changing the batteries occasionally. That is a tough call. Perhaps a different scheme to hold the memory for a short time between battery changes would have been better. Maybe an additional small watch style battery to hold the memory for a small period of time, like 10 minutes. Maybe a possible built in capability to backup all volatile data to a SD card for battery change? You know like a battery Change program / utility that would be built in? Seems like a better idea than building in frustration with each use of the phone, perhaps hunderd times a day for some people.
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    Yup, I noticed that lag too. So far that has been about the only thing I did not like about the T650. But can't say that I am losing any sleep over it. The call is still placed, just a few seconds later. Oh well.
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    well I think it's annoying. Maybe this is just a bad production run who knows!
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    Am I the only person that experienced slow response when dialing on the Treo 600?

    I recently upgraded to the Treo 650.
    Overall, I find that it is more responsive when dialing.
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    I'm getting it too. a bit frustrating sometimes as I think the phones frozen.
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    People will automatically push buttons multiple times when they don't register a response from a device... especially this device. When you are dialing from the contact list or speed dial button, there's a tendency to push the button twice resulting in a terminated call (the second button push). PalmOne, did you guys do any user testing or validation ? Or did you just not give a damn... amazing that in the third generation product they still make these basic mistakes. In fact, the 600 and 300 were not nearly as bad with regard to button latency.

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