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    Just wanted to let everyone know that while the real audio music store doesn't specifically list support for the 650 yet it does work. I installed the device files for the Treo 600 which installed a plugin on the 650 allowing me to transfer purchased songs from the music store directly to the palm's sd card over the usb sync cable. It's very nice. I tried napster but the drm encrypted wma's would not play on realplayer. The realplayer on my pc will convert the drm encrypted wma's to mp3 for transfer to the treo as long as it recognizes the device and you have purchased the songs online. The only down side is that it does install an older version 1.51 I think of the palm realplayer app on the 650 which doesn't run on the 650. However, the 1.6 version that comes standard is still installed and still works. It's a nice solution for those of you who like to purchase mp3's online and use your 650 as an mp3 player. I know you can get songs for free using P2P like Kazaa but I like the reduced hassle factor and quality of the purchased music myself.
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    Good to know! Thanks.
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    Looks like the bundled real player desktop install on the Sprint Treo 650 CD has the plugin for native support of the 650, no need to install the older version of realplayer on the Treo.

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