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    Hello, over the holiday weekend while unpacking the car, my Jabra 250 was dropped outside (an left all night) in the Northern CA moist woods. It was working perfectly before this happened. Now the T650 will not pair with the headset.

    I tried resetting the headset and last night bought a new Jabra 250 and reset it and the headset still will not pair, but the Bluetooth connects just fine with the “hotsynce setup.”

    Any advice or thoughts?
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    I forgot to say that I did go through all the new setup device stuff
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    I have problems with the jabra after recharging in and I notice that if I go into the setup screen highlight the jabra profile and delet it completly from the 650 and than try to reset the headset and re pair it it will work... for me at least. Give a shot

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