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    OK, I have a Visor Deluxe (my first Palm unit). What software should I consider to begin filling up that 8 megs?

    I'm interested in utilities, games, hacks, doc readers, spreadsheets, databases, basically everything.

    Maybe some of you experienced Piloteers can help out those of us who are new to Palm computing.
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    Database: ThinkDB with its PC companion, ThinkDB Desktop... still at version 0.99h and counting, but excellent even at this stage.

    Spreadsheet: QuickSheet 4.0. A bit pricier than others, but has more features, including support for workbook-type format (multiple pages per file), and beaming... overall excellent!

    Project Manager: BrainForest Mobile. No direct link with MS Project, but Aportis already has a Mac BF Desktop available and is in beta on their PC Desktop version. Easy to use.

    Doc Readers:
    [1] TealDoc - supports TealPaint images (TealPaint not needed to view images though).
    [2] iSilo - PC-based HTML converter available. Supports lists, bold, italics, underlining. Supposed to support multiple-page linking (but haven't tried it yet), and can read standard doc files (bookmark support included in either HTML or standard doc).

    [1] Hackmaster - gotta be able to run 'em:
    [2] MiddleCapsHack - no more shift-stroke needed... write lower-case on the left, upper-case in the middle, numbers on the right.
    [3] FindHack - better find utility.
    [4] DaylightSavingsHack - just so you don't forget... automatically adjusts your Visor clock. Make sure you get version 2.1.1 or better.

    Auto Mileage/Maintenance Log: Kar Kare II. Excellent little program. Support four automobiles, has maintenance reminders. Quick and easy entry.

    RPN calculator: RPN - programmable, easy to use. Very nice overall.

    Planetarium: StarPilot. Excellent full-featured star gazer program. Definitely a must-have.

    Games (probably just pick up at )
    1) LoadRunner I
    2) LoadRunner II
    3) PocketChess
    4) PocketScorch
    5) PocketShogi (still needs a little work, but fun so far)
    6) Galax
    7) Tetrin

    1) Matrix
    2) Millenium Clock (non-standard numberless display -- innovative and different)... not sure where to get it though. I saw it at

    Anyway, that's about it... Sorry I didn't have more.

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    If you're a REAL power database user...

    Oracle 8iLite will work on Palm OS

    Nachtswerg... yes, I work for Oracle, but my opinions should NEVER be construed as Corporate

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    Thanks Chazzz!

    Anyone else have additional recommedations for those new to Palm OS?
    Specifically, would anyone reccdommend changing the datebook?
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    I tried running ThinkDB on the POSE debug ROM, and it caused all sorts of warnings. Does it seemd to be pretty stable? Does it run OK on the Visor?
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    Is anyone keeping track of finances on their Visor or Palm? If so, what software are you using? I am looking to sync with my desktop Quicken, and am interested in taking a companion product on the road via a palm.

    MB <><
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    A few things I've tried and would recommend:

    MenuHack - allows drop-down menus in most applications by tapping near the top of the screen

    Handy Shopper - simple database for shopping lists

    AvantGo ( - transfers web content to your Visor for offline reading

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    how about simcity for PalmOS:

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    Can't beat SimCity on a Palm!
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    Is there anything handy to balance checkbooks and credit cards?

    What about monopoly?
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    sim city is a must.

    go to for their new rpg called ackeron:dark sun.

    go to jail is a monopoly clone.

    niggle is a scrabble clone.

    galactic realms is a rts game in space.

    miner2149 is a turn based planet terraforming game.


    pocket monkey should be owned by every palm/visor/trgpro owner.

    other cool things:
    avantgo -
    tealdoc -
    isilo -

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    Man, I was all fired up about finding SimCity for the Palm platform until I saw that there wasn't a demo version. Say what? Who makes game software and doesn't offer a demo version anymore? Especially for something like cramming an old DOS game onto the Palm? No thanks, I'll pass. I'm not gonna blow $$$ on a game that might very well end up sucking. :/

    Ooooh, I managed to spoof the smiley-maker!

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    Sluggo, what is "pocket monkey"?
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    basically, it's a dirty tamogotchi.

    go to and check it out. d/l and install it. it's a pisser.


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    For finances, especially if you're using Quicken 99 or better, check out LandWare's PocketQuicken. Seems to be a great program, and syncs well with Quicken.
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    If you plan on just using a module to upload information into Quicken the best method it to use Landware's PocketQuicken. If you want to keep all your financial info on the Palm I'd recommend a combination of QMate and QuickBudget. A good discussion of this is on comp.sys.palmtops.pilot if you want to sort through it using dejanews ( ). The problem with PocketQuicken is that (unlike its PC counterpart) you don't get a running balance for every transaction. This is sort of ironic because PocketQuicken replaced a LandWare product that did had this feature but had an inferior interface to quicken.

    For more info on the subject look through DejaNews and look at posts from Jeff Kirvin. He was one of the harshest critics of the Quicken package (he is registered user of PocketQuicken, its predecessor [MicroMoney] and Qmate). He used MicroMoney for quite some time until just recently switching to QMate.
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    PocketQuicken does indeed display the balance - in the lower right hand corner, no?

    Check out the screenshots here:

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    hart, thanks for the pointer to deja. I went to the pilot forum, did a search on "jeff kirvin pocket quicken" and his post came right up. I hope they did include downloading at least a recent portion of the register in the next release. I saw another post on deja from a Landware rep dated 9/8/99 that said they will be releasing a new version of Pocket Quicken with many more features added to it. However, he didn't say when they would release it. Soon I hope.

    Landware Tech's posting:

    "Yes, in fact we are working on the next version of Pocket Quicken, which will contain a number of new, exciting features. If you have your own wish list of features you'd like to see in the next version, please feel free to send them to me at

    Michael Rothstein
    LandWare Tech Support"

    Jamester, have you used PQ on a palm? If so, what's your take on the product?

    MB <><

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    I have indeed used PocketQuicken on Palm OS. I really enjoyed it, although you must understand that I'm horrible at keeping track of things to begin with. I haven't reinstalled PQ just yet, as my system went down a while back, and I'm waiting to purchase Quicken 2000 before I set things back up (tomorrow, I hope!) My overall impression, using PocketQuicken with just a simple checking account, is that it really does what it claims to do. I can enter my transactions into the Palm as they occur, then go back and after I sync, the next time I run desktop Quicken it asks me if I want to approve the transactions. I say Yep, approve all, and everything's fine with the world. I do wish, as you said, there would be some transference of your register to the PQ software: Perhaps "Include last XX days transactions" or something similar. My main gripe with PQ is that if I enter something on my desktop Quicken, it doesn't show in PQ, and my balance is off until I hotsync again. Other than that, though, I have no complaints.
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    I have:

    Launcher III -
    Bug Me -
    JFile Pro - great database program
    PgmrCalc - programmers calculator
    TipMe - Tip calculator freeware
    AportisDoc - doc viewer
    AvantGO - Great Internet based news source
    Peanut Reader - Read books on you Palm (
    Invaders - Space Invaders, Freeware
    Pocket Chess - Great Freeware chess game
    SolFree - Freeware solitare
    SimCity - Pricey but a classic
    DBClean - delete unused PDB's, freeware

    EVPlugbase - a substitute for Hackmaster
    EVEdit - Great multifunction hack
    MiddleCaps - Priceless, freeware
    DayLightSavings - Daylight savings hack
    Swipe - configure multiple swipes stokes.

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