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    What I was trying to say was that I heard that Quicken only shows the final balance, not interim balances as the desktop version does. For instance on PC version of Quicken I usually concentrate on the end of month balance because I have automatic payments and deposits into my account and I'm trying to figure out if I have enough money to last through the month. Often my automatic payments and deposits go forward into the next month but I don't care about next month. I just want to make sure I can get through this month at least.

    As far as I can tell almost ALL of the financial software packages (including Pocket Quicken) have an end balance. The important thing is the ability to have interim balances (just like your checkbook).

    If you check out the Deja News articles you'll understand that Landware thinks that the main use of PocketQuicken is to feed info to your PC version of Quicken. It is not designed to be a standalone financial program. Qmate and QuickBudget do a better job at this. However, I have to say that many of the Psion programs are more sophisticated because people who program for that platform assume that people are Psion-centric rather PC-centric which many (or most) Palm users are.

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    Ahh, now I understand your statement. I apologize for the misunderstanding. You're quite correct.
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    Two pieces of software I'd highly recommend:
    - AvantGo (download webpages for viewing offline, I think it can also act as a realtime WWW browser, but I don't have a modem to test it out...)
    - TealScript (allows you to customize Graffiti to your own handwriting style)

    Does anyone know of a mail program that doesn't truncate your emails after 8000 characters? thanks,

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    MultiMail Pro will download messages up to 256k and attachments up to 60k. Plug-ins allow viewing of most file types. Can also handle multiple accounts. An optional conduit is available to sync with desktop e-mail.

    Two-day demo available. Price is $39.95 US for mail program alone and $59.95 for mail and conduit.

    Although not perfect, it's the only program I found that handled long messages, could view attachments, and was able to sync with a desktop mail client (my three prerequisites).
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    Anybody know where I can find an app which I can use to handwrite on. Something like Bugme but without the alarm. Something like the Casio app that comes with it.
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    Lots of great suggestions. I would add one suggestion, and that is Secret or some other encryption software. I use it to keep a list of account numers, credit card numbers, computer passwords and user ids. I jus hope I don't forget my password to the encryption software.

    I just started test driving Pocket Money, and I really like it. I especially like that it stores the phone numbers for the credit card and bank customer services. It also wants acct #'s and cc #'s, but I'm not about to put that stuff anywhere, but Secret.

    The game Zap is also kind of fun.

    Does anyone know of a dictionary that has meanings as well as spellings. Wordlist can help with spelling, and a Thesearus may provide close enough definitions.

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    Mike, Landware will be releasing a Merriam-Webster Springboard for the Visor. It will have full definitions.

    MB <><
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