Hey all. I know we have talked about this before, but all threads are pretty old. I was wondering if I could ask the group a few questions.

1. Overall rating: 1 (worst) - 10 (best)

2. Worth the price of $250.00 at http://store.treocentral.com/conten...ories/---24.htm

3. Do I need to add the North America Map for $99.95 at http://store.treocentral.com/conten...ories/---24.htm

4. Is my understanding correct that the software will NOT work with the Treo 600's internal GPS - that I need an external GPS unit?

5. Am I correct that the $250 purchase will give me that external GPS unit?

6. VERY IMPORTANT: What happens when I am using the unit and I get a phone call or need to make a phone call?

7. Any comments or further information at all is very helpful!

Thanks gang,


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