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    Hi all,
    I'm a T-mobile customer and I am looking into adding a line, and getting the various discounts that entails. T-mobile doesn't offer the 650 yet, and their factory stores have poor deals on the 600 ($399? I can get a 650 at Sprint for less than that!). Anyone know some good places that are still selling 600s for T-mobile at good prices with new activation?

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    i just got a new 600 5 days ago from a t-mobile store for $300. It said $399 for new activation, (I have already been with them a year, so they said they could do it for that price) but the girl wispered that she could take off $50..I said how about $100 and it was done. Good Luck!
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    Bet you could fine one on Ebay for less than that!!
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    But you wouldn't get the warranty, and given how trouble prone the Treo is, that seems like false economy!
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    If you go to CompUSA, they are offering a TMo T600 for $349.99 with new least by me, they are.
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    Heck, I would sell you my 600 for $250 if you were willing to switch to Sprint...
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    Can't find anywhere to buy a Treo 600 anymore ????

    you're not looking very hard, they are all over the place. check Amazon, they've got them in all flavors and prices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Predator-1
    Heck, I would sell you my 600 for $250 if you were willing to switch to Sprint...

    still selling it .?

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