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    The included cable does not charge my 650. Wonder if they sent out some self-powered and some not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoDaddeo6
    you can verify this by removing your battery while the power is on and leaving the sync cable in. as mentioned.
    its not going to be enough power to light up your christmas tree, but it makes for an interesting little strobe light while bored.
    I noticed m 650 has three green light modes:

    1. ON
    2. flashing about every two seconds
    3. flashing very rapidly - frequency under 1 second

    I do not find anything about this.
    When mine was in mode 3 it still worked fine all day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grsmith
    I just bought one from Ebay and I'm using it now with pdanet to surf:-)
    Charge, Sync and Surf...only cost $12 to include shipping!
    I just got the sync/charger from eBay. Not as convenient as a Boxwave retractable, but looks pretty good quality, and it's happily connected to my Treo right now.

    Just a note though: the sticker on the bag says SC-T5 so I'm assuming that this was actually intended for the Tungsten T5, not the Treo 650. Since they both apparently use the same connectors, and probably aren't that different electrically (ok -- I admit I'm just making an assumption here!), it's probably fine. If my Treo melts down, I'll let you know.

    So far so good, but I just figured I'd give fair warning.
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