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    Can someone please clarify the uses of Hacks, hackmaster and the like.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hacks are very small (typically 1-2K) programs that modify the way your Palm OS operates. has a very large selection of Hacks that do everything from modify the backlight to change the way the Find function works. I use three Hacks right now; SilenceHack, which allows me to modify the sounds the Visor makes with a single penstroke, MiddleCapsHack, which lets me write capital letters on one side of the Graffiti area and lowercase letters on the other side of the Graffiti area (no more shift stroke!), and PopUp Find, which lets me use the Find function from within another application.

    Hackmaster is the program that makes it all work. You'll need this or the newer, Hackmaster-compatible program EVPlugBase in order to use Hacks.
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    MenuHack is really cool too. It's mentioned on Palmgear, but available on What it does is activate the pull down menu when you tap the program titlebar. It's much more intuitive to use.
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    I want to use hacks for highlighting text and cut, copy, pasting it somewhere else.
    Do I use Hackmaster or EVPlugBase.
    I am confused about the two of them.
    You install one or the other? And THEN whatever hack you want? Is that how it works?
    Then once it's installed, do you have to go to the Home icon on the Visor and select which hack you want? Or will they be available intuituively within, say, memo pad or to-do list?
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    Everyman, you use either Hackmaster or EVPlugBase. Hackmaster is $5 shareware, I think. EVPlugBase is larger but free.

    Once one of those are installed, install whatever Hacks you want. Then go into Hackmaster or EVPlugBase and configure and enable the Hacks.
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    I have installed hackmaster it was working fine until I installed Bugme, then evrything froze and I had to do a hard boot. Now When I tap on an app like Da launcher or any other hack extension, it brings me to the Hackmaster screen instead. I can't use my apps right now. What could be wrong. The apps are checked and If I do a reset it asks me if I want to re-install the hack applications, but still doesn't work.

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