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    Wow, I finally got to see it, hold it, and checked it out for myself. The screen is awesome. Also tried the camera on a dark corner of the store and it came out alright, whereas my Treo 600 only showed blue dots all over the screen. According to the manager, they just received 20 units yesterday and sold one right away.

    On a side note, I went to the Tmobile store (because mine is a TMo T600) and I asked an employee when or if they are getting the T650. The guy said not to waste my money because the only "difference" between the T600 and the T650 is the Bluetooth. He then tried to sell me an HP6315 or a Sidekick.

    I politely told him I am not ready to decide yet
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    On Maui already? Fascinating. I was just at the Sprint Store in Honolulu, and the woman there pouted and said they'd be lucky to get their T650's the first week in December. They'd sold out of the T600 long ago, so there's just a sad stump where the Treo display unit used to sit...
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    Wish I was in Maui - Good luck getting a Treo 650! It, in my opinion, is well worth the $$$.

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