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    I purchased all these ringstones at one poiunt that are in my Treo 600 and I want to get them to the 650.

    However, they are on LOCKDOWN! they have the lock next to then, which means I can not beam them.

    I can not find the file that contains them either (and if its one file I dont want to replace ALL the ringtones i have on the 650 just get the lockdown oens off)

    Does anyone know a way to beam a lockdown ringtone or get the protection off of it?? (They are no longer in my Sprint content manager they were took ling ago).

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    I would assume that they would be located somewhere in your backed up HS data
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    i think they would also and I have my olkd backuop folder BUT I would assume they are in some file with ALL the ringtones

    I want to just replace these locked ones.

    Does anyone know how the ringtone files are saved and if there is a way to get the locked ones?

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    I have filez... You can not beam them becuase there is no individual ringtone files listed... they are in the Palm in some integrated file someplace.

    Does anyoner jnow which and how to extact things from it?


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