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    I just received 650 over the weekend and was only able to hook up the battery due to time constraints but will convert this week. I was impressed with the screen sharpness but noticed the screen cover over the camera and what I thought is on the front display. I took off the camera cover with no problem but cannot get off the protective cover ( I assumed this was what it was) that is covering the display. I now have an air bubble and several scratches on the cover from trying to remove. I am wondering if this is a problem for anyone else or just a newbie issue. Was I suppose to take this off? Sure looked like your normal film covering for any electronic device with a small screen??

    I really enjoy reading these treads and look forward to converting to 650 since I am not using any third party apps yet and would like to go to Versamail vs the Sprint PCS redirector software. The Sprint PCS biz connection for individual users works fine as long as my PC is active but it sounds like Versamail will be a better solution.

    I am a salesguy who uses the 600 to help close sales and put food on my table. This better not be a step back since I cannot afford the downtime but am concerned I am getting off on bad footing by not being able to peel back the "assumed protective covering" although I see they included an extra screen cover in packaging. I will not need this since I also bought a case to keep 650 in. Keep up good info Power users like space bar comments.
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    I didnt have any problem. there was a pulltab going up over the speaker to make it easy to remove.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GADzilla
    I didnt have any problem. there was a pulltab going up over the speaker to make it easy to remove.
    Yup. Worked fine for me too. Tossed it and quickly put on a Boxwave screen protector.
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    OK thanks I will review again when I get to work. Did not see any pull tag but though it should be removed. One other question. I use outlook for my biz-email and outlook express for personal stuff which is a different email address. Right now I know Outlook involves IMAP and works only with Sprint PCS biz-director software that routes my email from my PC to 600--works great. Is Versa Mail a replacement for this application. Do I now understand that I will be able to get both sets of email msg's on 650 using versamail? thanks for taking time to reply.

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