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    can address book be accessed without going through the phone application directly from the applications menu
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    Yes. Via the center button (the 5 way button). Press the down button to go directly to your contacts directly from the main phone/wireless screen.
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    how about from the applications menu? (launcher)
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    On my Kyocera 7135, there is an icon called "contacts". That feature does not seem to exist on the T600.
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    Here's something to "try before you buy" that places a contacts icon on your T600 applications menu.

    (I'm not sure if it works on the T650 yet...)

    It's called Treo Shortcuts by ShSh software, so click the link and see if it's exactly what you're looking for.
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    Or better still go to -> Downloads ->Treo : 600 - PhoneSkins
    You will find an entry called "Missing Icons for treo 600". The Zip file contains shortcuts for all 4 Phone app views which will appear as application icons along with your other applications. and its Free!
    Satish Joshi
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    It seems Satish's and my info above both refer to the same .prc's.

    I wonder if they're both Shimon Shnitzer's of ShSh Software and he uploaded them like that?

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