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    have there been any applications that allow you to assign anything to any of the 4 main buttons, +option on the 4 main buttons, the 4 directions, the center button, the 2 size buttons (and 3rd for treo 650 - though doesnt that already all customization?) and perhaps the other keys on the keyboard?

    I know the power button does not allow +option to be configured, and the 4 way nav and middle button dont allow customization.

    it would be nice to be given control, since its not rocket science to give this option....

    note: there are other apps out there for like adding 10 apps to the 4 main buttons, but I dont really see how that is a help. I want full access to the treo's buttons. not mass menus.

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    1ButtonPro, McPhling, or Qlaunch
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    or here is the free answer: go to prefs > buttons
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    prefs / buttons only allow configuring the primary 4 buttons. (minus the #4 buttons secondary) or the 5 button for the phone part can be configured via a pref menu. But this still doesnt allow for total configuration.

    it should allow all 11 buttons on the 600, and 12 on the 650. I know what I want when I want to do it. It would be nice to also be able to use the buttons for what I want them to be used for.

    price isnt really something I am concerned with.

    1ButtonPro - only allows configuring the 4 buttons

    McPhling 5.60 - ? looks like a stylus feature and not a button configuration tool. I have this utility built into zLauncher... Its called QuickLaunch Anywhere

    Qlaunch seems to be what I want.. but it doesn't seem to work with the treo 600... :\

    If Qlaunch would allow setting up the buttons for specific programs (over ride) as well as exclude, and would work with the volume buttons as well and actually work on the middle navigation button it would be more or less what I was looking for.

    Ah well.....
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    I heartily second this. I have posted about this in other threads. It's insane the way PalmOne takes away control from users. I hate, HATE HATE the stupid fourth button's power off/hang up combo crap on my Treo 650. It's like making the ESC key on your keyboard turn off your computer without warning. And they made it so you can't change it.
    Soldier_Bob is right about the other apps too. 1ButtonPro is a great app but it doesn't do what we're talking about.
    I found another app that seems to almost get there but bring a few bugs with it: SpeedLaunch by GeakWare. It manages to let you use the red button but makes the phone act weird, like hanging up calls before you can answer.

    So, to reiterate.. someone please.. PLEASE... make an app to give us back control of our buttons...
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    Palm Commander will allow you to assign multiple apps to the four main buttons.
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    TurboTiger: thanks for that tip. PalmCommander's launcher is really awesome, very well done, I really like it... but it doesn't help the issue with the 4th button on the 650. No matter how many apps you assign to it on the 4th button, the 650 just powers off as soon as you press it.
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    Sorry it doesn't work on the 4th button. It works on all four button on the Treo 600.
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    PalmCommander looks like it's got a lot of potential. Treo 650 users:

    1. Does the program compression module work with the NVFS file system?

    2. Does the backup work on the 650?

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