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    Any one have any idea where I can find star wars, no brittany etc just nice actual phone tones. I am having a nightmare trying to locate some. Thanks.
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    There are a number of simple normal rings already on the 650. 5 or 6 I'd say.
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    Yes. Do you know where I can find any more online. Thanks.
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    Hmm, never looked for a simple ringtone like that. I know the SprintPCS page has some in their rintone list (assuming you're a sprint customer).

    On your PC, go to and log in, then go to under Sprint Vision Services (lower middle of screen) and click content catalog. (I'm sure you can reach these theough the main page of the 650's internet browser as well, but this is a quick way to hear them without paying)

    Then click browse ringers content

    From the list on the right select Polyphonic and then miscellaneous.

    You will find variouis Blips and Bleeps and a couple of Normal rings here.

    Other than that, good luck! Hope this helps
    Gregg G. - New Orleans, LA
    Treo 700p on Sprint
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    shoot, i found several very nice plain phone ringers not too long ago, but i downloaded them directly into my phone and have no idea what the sites were i got them from.

    it looks like i can mail them from the sound manager. send me a PM with your email address and i'll email them to you.
    Paul Theodoropoulos
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    Here are some non-music ringtones
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    Here's a previous post that gives you access to many regular phone sounding ringtones (mp3 and wav) including an old USA type telephone ringer.

    Also included are also many sound effects such as dive claxtons, train whistles, church bells etc which perhaps could serve as rings and/or alarms.

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