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    I am a 55 year old female who is somewhat, but not totally, technically challenged. I purchased the treo 650 through Sprint specifically because it has bluetooth and I want to use it hands free in my car that also is bluetooth capable. I followed the directions, once-twice-and once again. It seems that the treo recognizes the lexus bluetooth and the car identified the treo number. But for the life of me I can't get the phone to work through the car. Does anyone know if they are compatable or have any suggestions? All suggestions are really appreciated, please try and use simple non-tech english so I have a chance to make this work.

    Thanks a bunch.
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    you have hit a sore spot for all treo owners with bluetooth cars. here are a number of boards under the bluetooth seciton of this forum addressing this very issue.

    From what all of us "techies" have figured out the problem is most likely in the 650 itsself. the phone and car do pair but the phone does not keep a constant connection with the car.

    with my car kit (UConnect for DamilerChrysler), I can receive calls and make calls through the system if initiated by the phone. None of the car kit initiated (voice activated dialing, battery and signal strength meters) features work reliably or at all.

    Everyone is up in arms and frustrated like you are. I personally have already cald Sprint and had tech support submit a complaint so might be wortwhile to do the same. The more complaints he merrier.
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    Acura TL same thing.. it pairs and thats it
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    I have Lexus & the 650 too. Sometimes the phone works through the car when receiving calls, but havent been successful placing calls through 650 & bluetooth in car.
    Tomorrow I have appointment with lexus dealership to help set it up: will post more after that....
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    See my post on this - the problem is not with Lexus. The bluetooth software is msiing the "connect" button that allows the Lexus to recognize the phone. I have no problem getting the phone to recognize the Lexus but not the reverse.
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    This was my post on another thread from a couple of days ago:

    The following is the reply I recieved from Sprint:

    Dear bonnie,

    Thank you for writing back to us.

    I would like you to know that this functionality is offered by the
    manufacturer Lexus and they are using a software for this function to
    work. Therefore, you need to directly contact Lexus Customer Care for
    assistance in this matter.

    I hope you will extend your cooperation in this regard for a prompt

    Olivia R.
    Sprint Business eCare?

    Sprint is laying the problem at the feet of Lexus. What now?

    I anticipate going to Lexus dealer tomorrow morning. If they rule out a problem on their end, then what. I am very frustated. By the way Sprints references to funtionality/function is nonsensical.
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    I think this all goes to a much deeper issue. PalmOne builds the phone. Sprint, or any other carrier just put their logo on it and allow it on their network. For some reason, Palm directs all support issues to the carrier. The carriers aren't equipped, both mentally and technically to properly support anything other than can it make a call. PalmOne should be supporting any problems on the 650 that are not related to the phone app itself not making or receiving calls.
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    Anyone know how to effectively contact PalmOne? I am off to Lexus. I'll report results, but am not optimistic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonnier
    Anyone know how to effectively contact PalmOne? I am off to Lexus. I'll report results, but am not optimistic.
    Here is some PalmOne Support info. Be prepared to follow up. Keep on them if you want to get anywhere.

    PalmOne Contact
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    The number is (800) 881-7256, then 1.

    I just got off the phone with them. I believe the very polite tech was not in the U.S. I told her that I was having trouble with the 650 and my new Audi A6 and she ask what kind of device it was! While polite, she was clueless technically. She said that the Audi was not listed as supported. Well, neither is Lexus, Acura, and BMW. Who is? She didn't know. I ask her to please have a person more knowlegable return my call and she said she would. We'll see.
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    My trip to Lexus was a bust. The Lexus "bluetooth expert" mechanic said that Lexus will not pair with many phones - just the ones listed on Lexus.letstalk. So I just ordered the SE T608 for now and will give the TREO to my husband. Sigh! I'll keep looking for a pda/phone with bluetooth that will work.
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    Phone call to Sprint tech today re pairing with Lexus (and other handsfree profile bluetooth auto systems). Sprint claims they are aware of the issue and working with Palm to resolve with solution expected (from Palm) within a week. We'll see.
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    PalmOne posted a carkit patch today at as promised. Lexus is not specifically listed but seems to pair and work more consistently. For the first time can initiate calls from the Lexus nav screen.
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    Do all the functions work on the Lexus BT?
    I also note that Toyota and Lexus are not mentioned - any observed problems?
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    I cannot get this to work on my 2005 lexus ls430. You state below that you can initiate calls from your lexus screen. How did you get the lexus to recognize your t650? The T650 recognizes the Lexus Bluetooth fine but not vice-versa. I downloaded the T650 carkit update and "allowed wakeup", yet after I put in the code in my phone it says "successful connection", but the lexus screen still hangs at " bluetooth device and enter 1212". The only thing I can do is press CANCEL. Please advise


    Quote Originally Posted by AutoRelight
    PalmOne posted a carkit patch today at as promised. Lexus is not specifically listed but seems to pair and work more consistently. For the first time can initiate calls from the Lexus nav screen.
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    Follow the patch instructions but you will meet a dead end at the attempting to pair screen (cancel) as you describe. Ignore the cancel message and, while it is still displayed on the Lexus Nav, initiate a call on the Treo 650 dial pad. The call will automatically be shifted to the Lexus system and the cancel screen will acnowledge the pairing and add the phone to the Lexus Nav system list of phones. At this point the pairing will re-esatblish each time you enter the car with the Treo 650. this seems to be the "hack" others describe in other threads on this board at I have been unable to transfer contacts to the Lexus system but have not had time to really play with the issue. I saw one post that claimed success by selecting "send category" in the contacts menu.
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    The patch works exactly as described in my Lexus LS430. I can transfer contacts one by one to the Lexus phone book as well. As soon as I start the car, I get the comforting "successful bluetooth connection"! Now I am happy!!!
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    I finally go a successful pairing with my 2004 LS430 using the procedure above.
    I can transfer a contact, or a category, but only the names seem to come accross successfully- everything else in each record is just a bunch of pipe-symols - ie:|||||||
    Anyone else experience this?
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    Pairing with The Lexus should NOT be an issue with the treo 650 if the p1 BT update has been applied to your phone and you have followed these directions
    If anyone gets into a snag and still needs further detailed directions, post them here and one of the lexus elite's will help out.
    Do not post elsewhere (like in those of the Acura forums) where you are less likely to even meet a Lexus'ite.
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    Has anyone tried using a GSM or unlocked 650 with a lexus 330? My unlocked phone is on order, and I'm crossing my fingers that it will work despite the fact that Lexus' "letstalk" site still doesn't list the 650 as a compatible bluetooth phone.
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