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    I did a clean install of QuickOffice on my Treo 650. I have been using it in the past on my Treo 300 and Treo 650.

    After I install it, supply the Unlock code, I try to open QuickWord and get:

    "Could not disable active input trigger."

    When I click OK, I get:

    "Could not enable active input trigger."

    When I click OK, it cycles back again. Reset needed to escape.

    Anyone else have any other experiences?


    Bill Petro
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    Just curious, why are you using QO anyway when DTG7 is bundled free with the 650?
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    For some unexplained reason, DTG "hangs" when trying to sync documents from the desktop to the Treo 650. I've tried re-installing it 6 times. Finally removed it. I actually prefer QO.

    Anyone gotten QO to work?
    Bill Petro
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    Bill - just got an email from quickoffice yesterday. They have an updated version of QO to support the Treo 650.

    I decided to get a Dell X50v and BT gps instead. The VGA screen and landscape mode is awesome. I sure wish it had a keyboard. A Treo or Axim with a design similar to the sidekick would do the trick for me.

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