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    Quote Originally Posted by jayzee
    While the form factor on that ppc phone is nice I could never go back to not having a keyboard.
    Well I don't own a pda-phone yet but am actually researching how well the T650 serves my needs against it's closest alternatives . Seems this PPC (MDA compact) has a quick landscape mode and also a soft qwerty-keyboard. I don't know if the keyboard elongates horizontally in the landscape mode but if it did, it might make two thumb texting on the soft qwerty keypad a bit more practicable.

    Is it really practical to use thumb texting using the PPC's screen ? I was looking for some advice ....?

    Guaranteed it would not have the tactile reponse of a real thumb-pad....but then if i can type with at least half the speed of a real thumb-pad it should serve my needs . There are several other pluses of this PPC that seem to suit me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimf
    Tri-band works just fine in the US, you just need to check the bands against your carrier. T-Mobile uses the 1900 band, so this phone would work fine on that carrier. The 850 band only becomes a requirement if you're using AT&T/Cingular.
    Thanks for the info, Jimf. I did not know this. Makes me happy because I use T-Mobile! So, now I have a choice should the 650 issues trouble me...
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