View Poll Results: What are your feelings about getting a Treo 650 right now?

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  • I'm getting one now

    28 19.31%
  • I'm not going to get one, too many issues

    34 23.45%
  • I'm on the fence leaning towards buying now

    12 8.28%
  • I'm on the fence leaning towards buying later if things look better

    46 31.72%
  • I just can't make up my mind!!!

    0 0%
  • I've already purchased but have not received my Treo 650 yet

    25 17.24%
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    I'm waiting for the GSM version
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    Well, i'm going for it! To decide based on a few gripes on a message board seems a bit hasty.
    The memory won't affect me 'cause I can circumvent any space problems, however I wish P1 would've given us more mem., but having said that, we'll just have to wait and see what fixes arise. I along with many here went thru a lot with the 600, we hung in there because we want to see p1 win with a device that is rock-solid. I made my money back twenty-fold with the 600 and I suspect that I will with the 650 despite the concerns. So let's bungee jump into the world of an early-adopter's buggy HELL!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TxDot
    Hmm; check out the results of the poll in this thread;
    I think what we might be seeing here is the squeaking wheel syndrome. ~100 owners are pretty satisfied while only a small number are planning to return the unit. I'm sure P1 will be very happy with those numbers.
    There was a poll for Treo 650 owners before that one. And that poll had numbers that looked much worse. I think many have already become FORMER owners.

    So far this thread's poll has 108 responses and less than 50% are looking to buy right now. That's not good for P-1. If confidence for we non-owners is not good then that will reflect in overall demand at some point.
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    I voted: "I'm on the fence leaning towards buying later if things look better," but would have prefered a different option: "I'm on the fence leaning towards buying later," which is my "real" response.

    This is my second post on this board. I have spent probably 500 hours "lurking," my obsession with this new tech marvel has been so strong!

    My first smartphone was a Kyocera 6035, which my wife inherited when I upgraded with the "color screen" Kyocera 7135 -- both from Verizon. The 6035 finally died and my wife just "upgraded" to a 7135.

    We have a contract with Verizon until February 2005 at which time I, at least, want to switch to Sprint so I can get the Treo 650. I've been tempted to get it anyway, but cannot really afford (or justify) TWO smartphones, so I am just trying to stay patient until then, living vicariously through this board until I have one in my sweaty little palm.

    I must say, listening to you all ("lurking" ??) has been a hoot! These types of forums are incredibly valuable, both for purchase decisions, tech support, as well as supporting another truly uncontrollable addictive behavior! Does anyone know if there is a good 12-Step group for TreoCentral Lurkers? Just kidding!

    Seriously, I am hoping that P1's memory fix is complete BEFORE my Verizon contract comes up in February. It would be nice if some / most of the other bugs / issues / glitches were worked out by then.

    Either way, I have a feeling that I'm going to be a lot more productive once I actually DO buy one of these babies because I KNOW I'll be spending a lot less time on this board fantasizing about it!

    Keep up the great threads!
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    well I was going to buy one when a GSM became available but I probably will wait until verizon rolls it out in a year or two.
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