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    I just thought i would post this in case anybody was interested. i picked up a nice little belkin bluetooth adapter at compusa yesterday for $10 after a $20 rebate. got it up and running quickly and love the wireless hotsync

    the $10 one is a 'class 2'- 10 meter range. a 'class 1' for 100 meter range was $10 more.
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    Damn, I thought I got the best deal for $35.00 for the class 1 with free shipping. That was a few weeks ago. It works great.
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    Just bought one thanks for the heads-up.
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    I just got the 'class 1'. Last one in the store, minutes before they closed.
    Thanx for the info!!
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    See your the store ad.
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    its online as well now for any one wanting to buy it online.. comes out to $34.99 shipped w/$20 MIR

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