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    I have been looking at the various car programs out there and most are pretty limited. I would be willing to pay good money for a more full-featured program.

    I'm in the process of restoring my '68 Mustang and would like something to track the progress. I like the fuel mileage tracking, but would like to see a graph to see the progress on my mileage as I "hopefully" try to add more fuel economy to the car. Also I would like a database built-in to track purchases (price, date, part#, description, etc.) I know I can just use one of the DB pograms like HanDBase, but it would be nice if there where an all-in-one solution for cars, especially the graph for the fuel mileage. Also a timeline (datebook like) for showing purchases and work done.

    Let me know your ideas. Thanks.

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    This is one application that I'm planning on writing myself, over the course of the long Michigan winter. I want the graphing ability too but I'm also planning on adding some gas mileage statistical control to determine if the car is in control. Should be a fun application for the palm, and if I get my Visor before spring, I'll have something to play with. Keep in touch.
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    Thanks. Post here when you need some "beta" testing.

    Power corrupts, absolute power is really kinda neat.
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    Ok, talk about grave digging? OMG 1999?


    Well, this was the only thread that came up when I did a search for automotive programs. Does anyone have suggestions for software with the features mentioned above?

    Id like a desktop client, I would like to track expenses, keep a list of "todos" keep me informed on maintenance intervals mileage etc etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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