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    I just submitted my refund request to handango as well. How they can sell this p-o-s as specifically for the T600 is beyond me. Back to good old Snapper I guess. If they they could only get reliable IMAP support for our corp. GroupWise system debugged, and add a couple more features like background checking, I'd be set with snapper and wouldn't have to waste time testing every crappy alternative like versa and chatter for a while. What's next to test? Maybe blackberry on treo? We'll see I guess.
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    Actually, I've used VersaMail 2.5 since I got my Treo last December. I was hoping that 2.7 would provide better 5-way nav control, so I bought it - but it doesn't. 2.5 gives me NO trouble with auto-fetch and notification, am I'm totally used to the 2.5 navigation (which is only slightly better in 2.7) - so I'm sending my 2.7 back as well. That said, VersaMail is still my email client of choice, simply because it has the most fully functional IMAP implentation of all of the clients out there, and what's most important to me is having the same mail on my Treo as I have at my desktop AT ALL TIMES, so the navigation is something I will continue to live with.

    I'm assuming that version 3.0 actually works with the T650 navigation properly?

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    Does Versamail 2.7 have some sort of PDF instruction manual? I've tried searching but can't find it.
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