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    I just checked the website, and....just as I suspected....still nothing. I've pretty much lost interest at this point. Maybe I'll check back in a couple of years and see if it's there.
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    Same here...
    May I suggest: (bottom right)
    I submitted a return request, but heard nothing back as of yet.
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    Man... these peeps sure do take their time. I asked for a refund yesterday and am still waiting for a reply email....
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    Here's a funny side note (well, sort of funny):

    I was on PalmOne's "Software Connection" website, browsing different options for email (instead of Versamail), and I noticed that "Versamail for Treo 600 - Windows" is under the "Software Connection: Best Sellers" category!

    I suppose the keyword here is "sell".
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    That is sad...really sad. Got to love how they taken money from all of us with no product to show for it!
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    Ya know, with all this hassle, Versamail 2.7 should be free...but only for long-term T600 owners!! For verification, all one needs to do is offer a ESN...
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    I just checked with handango (5min ago) using their account-info/prev-orders link on the top of the page and was able to download it.

    Finally it is available!
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    Same here - finally!!!
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    Preliminary findings aren't that favourable.
    - slack 5-way support; you can't get to the bottom row of buttons
    - attempting to attach a file from the SD card causes a crash on mine
    - haven't managed to get auto-fetch working
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    what about GMail? Anyone send SMTP messages through yet on versamail 2.7?
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    got the program, able to use it but, unable to auto fetch/send yet
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    K, now that I have the program - anyone know how to set up notification of new email to vibrate alert? I only see where I have a sound alert, surely there is vibrate alert as well! Thanks all.
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    i can't get any sound notification i have new mail, just a screen note saying new mail. And where do i go to get support, i cant find it anywhere
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    What is going on with Palm support? I called because I can't get VersaMail 2.7 to sync with Outlook 2003, and I held for 30 minutes. The rep then told me that she doens't support Treo 600s, and sent me to 888-756-7256. This turned out to be a number for Palm.Net support which is no longer active.

    I requested my refund from handango this evening. The 5-way support is lousy too. Can't access buttons and pull-down menus for mailboxes. This is despite the advertisement saying you can:

    PalmOne needs to get their act together on this. If Handango doesn't respond to my request for refund, I'll simply dispute the charge to my credit card as false advertisement.
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    I too have been very frustrated with the lack of interface in the 2.7 software and the Treo 600. When I called palmOne support I was given the run-around for about an hour and then told they would need to investigate my question (how to make notification of a new message vibrate the phone) further and asked me to call back. Honestly I haven't called back yet because I have decided not to use the program as my primary email program on my 600. I am going to use my Verizon Wireless Sync email program as my default, and only use VersaMail 2.7 when I need to send an attachment, etc. The default push email uses tons less battery then versamail and works better with the 5 way button feature as well. Overall I am disapointed with the versamail program - I expect more from palmOne.
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    what number do i call for palm one to ***** about versamail, i tried the email but they dont answer me back. this program sucks, it does nothing it is supposed to do. how can they sell it if it doesn't work.
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    Amy new (news?)/updates on this program? ALSO: I'm wondering if version 2.7 came with an online instruction manual--either PDF, online or both...still trying to configure my Yahoo e-mail stuff...

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    VersaMail 2.7 or Snappermail? Which is better?

    I have a 600 and need to replace the native email program ASAP.
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    I was able to synch my Treo 600 with VersaMail V2.7 but it took me while to match the synch as I monitored the synch logs. It connected to my Outlook/IMAP and POP3. Now, I am setting it up with RAS to connect to IMAP.

    It does not work with D-pad. You have to use the touchscreen for the operations.

    I was able to download it for free but no support.
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    Where can you download VersaMail for free?
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