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    Is there any family tree software available for PalmOS that reads standard (GEDCOM) family tree files and/or Family Tree Maker files?
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    There certainly is: It's called MyRoots and it's available at PalmGear. I registered this program the *day* it was available, as I'd been searching for quite some time for this type of program. It'll import .GED files, and the new version also exports .GED files, though I haven't tried that feature yet. I find it useful just to be able to have the basic family tree data with me wherever I go, especially since I'm going back to see my family next month for the first time in over a year It'll be nice to use such a small form factor to collect people's information
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    Here's another one to check out:
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    Does anybody have screenshots of PalmTree? I'd be interested in trying it out. (Naturally, I read that message just as I arrived at work, where I can't hotsync, and where I'll be for the next 10 hours!) I'm surprised that they don't have screenshots posted at the site

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