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    Hi, any help will be appreciated. After 3 treo 600 hand sets I finally got one which works. Now 6 months later if I slightly bump the phone by putting it down on my desk it shuts down.
    Anyone else find this problem? I have T mobile service.

    many thanks,
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    If this happens while it's plugged into a sync cable, check the cable where it connects to the phone. Sometimes, the plastic shielding can break, causing some kind of reset if the plug bends a slight amount and the outside metal touches a pin. I had this with several 3rd partry car adapters and sync cables, so if you see the plastic splitting on the side (or a piece might already be gone), order another one (Palm's don't break as easily) and replace it.
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    gsm or cdma?
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    i bet u anything its a gsm and he has an older sim card (older than say, 3 years old) get a new one from your provider and the poroblems will go away i think.
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    i've had mine since january, and since the summer things started getting a little buggy, I did a hard reset, which is slightly different from the normal reset. back it up and try it, it could fix the problem. hold k and backspace while pressing the reset button, it will go off and not come up for a minute or two. it helped my battery start holding it's charge again.
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    I have started a thread about the same problem:
    "Hello everyone,
    My Treo 600 GSM is acting strange. It is very,very sensitive.
    What happens:
    - the phone shuts down if I put it in my handbag
    - the phone shuts down if I put it in my docking craddle
    - it sometimes resets (soft) itself in these two occasions
    What could be wrong?
    It seems to be a youngstersproblem of Treo?
    Thank you for your support & help."
    Did you find a solution?

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