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    I have Versamail setup to access two IMAP accounts I have. Whenever I do a sync to an account, a dialogue box appears asking me which folder I wish to sync. Well I'm synching the same folder (my inbox) each time. Is there anyway to bypass this screen? Also, is there anyway to synch both of my accounts at the same time?
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    Just hit get. You don't have to do a sync to get new mail. To do a true sync of the inbox you can use the sync feature. I tend to use get and only once every few weeks I'll do a sync to get it totally in sync.
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    someone please help me with this. when i setup versamail for IMAP i get only my OLDEST emails from 2003 even though i have it set for one day.

    someone please answer me on this.. anyone have similar problems????
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    Are you using the version on 650? I'm trying what you're saying and I'm getting the newest emails.
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    I use Versamail to retrieve email from AOL. Why does is bring up all of my 'current' old mail as well as any new mail. I just want to see my 'new mail' in my inbox? Can this be configured so that only 'new mail is retrieved?
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    Look under Preferences > Options > Delivery Options, dublm. You'll see "get" options there.
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