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    I am playing around with the Voice Dial trial:
    It certainly sounds cool and looks like it'll be a great companion of the 650. It's also included on the CD that came with our 650's, so PalmOne is getting behind it.

    ...but I can't seem to get it to work. When it goes to "Update" my contacts, it crashes with this error:

    "VST Assert
    Line 522"

    I have 1800+ contacts. Maybe that's more than it can handle?

    Then I tried to voice digits for it dial ... didn't work at all... suddenly an hour later I tried again and spoke quickly rather than trying to ENUNCIATE EACH LETTER SLOWLY, and then it worked! Unfortunately the step from confirmation to actual dialing took about 7-10 seconds, which was frustrating enough to make me want to go back to regular dialing.

    I played with voicing names again, and it recognized that I was speaking maybe 10% of the time, and during those times it still got the names wrong. I'm not sure this program is ready for prime time. I'd love to be able to just delineate "which" names are eligible for voice dialing (perhaps the speed dial entries?) so it would lessen the possibility of wrong matches.

    It would also be nice if the app was faster and dialed immediately after confirmation. And yeah, it would be great too if it didn't crash.
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    I have been Trial-Testing as well... I like the app so far, but the recognition is just so-so... haven't had any error/crashes like you, but I have noticed a significant delay (much worse than the normal 650 dial-delay) in actually dialing the #s. I wonder if this gets any better/faster once you BUY the product? I have a similar amount of contacts too... could be that it's too large of a contacts database? I've heard people rave about how great this product is... the only other option which seemed to work pretty well is Sprint's Voice Dial service, which is $5/mo. extra... but it works. I cancelled that service and am going to try the Voice Signal solution for now...
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    I've found recognition to be pretty good, but far from flawless. But what I really think is lacking is the ability to trigger the Voice Dial from a bluetooth headset. With no ability to voice dial without pressing a button the 650, I'm finding that I have to fiddle with the phone too much, thereby reducing the benefits of bluetooth handsfree.

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