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    I did a search for a solution to my problem, but found very little information. Perhaps someone can help.

    So here goes... I am currently using GoodLink to access my corporate Exchange account. My company uses a Cisco Unity voicemail solution that integrates with Exchange allowing us to receive voicemails as an email attachment.

    When I download and try to listen to one of these voicemail attachments (WAV file) pTunes will not play it. I tried loading mVoice; it claims to allow the listening of these sorts of attachments on a T600 through either GoodLink or Snappermail. Unfortunately, I am still unable to listen to voicemail messages on my device.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone successfully downloaded and listened to voicemail attachments from Cisco's Unity messaging system?
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    I, too, use Goodlink, and while I haven't done it from a Cisco unity phone system, I have done it from the 3com NBX phone system.

    A couple of questions:

    1) What version of GoodLink do you have?
    2) What option are you choosing on the attachment? Download high quality or download to card?
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    I believe I am using GoodLink 3.7 on my handheld, and I have tried both options, but the one that I was advised to use was "Donwload high quality"

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    UM uses a 'special' type of .wav file. It's seems to not be standard, and requires a special codec. I believe it's a wav file using GSM compression. I found this out once when I couldn't get the default app to play a voicemail, and tried to open the .wav in media player. It told me that the codec was not installed. Further searching narrowed it down to a certain codec, though I can't remember which. I ended up finding the .dll needed and getting it to work using Media Player Classic, but this was 9 months ago and I honestly can't remember how. But.. I'm posting here to say it can be done!
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    Try this app:

    Also codec is: CCITT uLAW
    The default settings for UM are Format = CCITT u-Law and Attributes are set at 8.000 kHz, 8 Bit, Mono 7kb/sec

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