the browser on the treo 600 is one of the finest features about the treo to me. it keeps me connected everywhere.

what I would LOVE to see integrated is a media player - when you click on an interactive link ie - flash media or windows media player or quicktime - you could stream news reports, sports highlights, cnet reviews, weather reports, etc.

THAT in my opinion would be REVOLUTIONARY in the nextgen treo's new browser.

that's an entirely new level. now I know we would require ev-do to make medi streaming enjoyable, as opposed to choppy slideshows as what one might see through mobitv in present day smartphones.

and because of this, ev-do ( hopefully at that point, data also or ev-da ) will be when I will upgrade from my treo 600.

but in a nutshell, how far away are we from we from enjoying windows media on our treos?

wouldn't that be the ultimate in blazer technology?