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    Just noticed my P button does not have a click feel and needs a little extra pressure to be consistant. Could anyone check their's and let me know if its the same. Got a feeling mine is going to go bad and need to be returned. So far I'm less than pleased with the email functions with sprint and hope it can be ironed out. This seems like a lot of work, already on my 6th call to sprint.
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    My P moves normally. (hmm. that sounds kinda gross)
    Gregg G. - New Orleans, LA
    Treo 700p on Sprint
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    Tested my P button and it seems to work just as well as the other buttons. I would definitely take yours in if you feel a difference especially since it is still under warranty. What do you not like about the email functions? Mine seems to work fine but I not totally convinced that it is better than SnapperMail which I have on my T600.
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    With Versa mail I can get mail ok, but now if I reply the phone says relaying not allowed. If I send a message from my email account at home through the messaging service ( they won't go through, but from accounts like netzero and yahoo they go through fine. If I send an email from my home account to my data user account ( it goes through. Some reason sprint messaging won't allow my ISP to send a message to it. I need to use the messaging service so I can receive messages realtime, their email doesn't do it.
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    Hey Mods,

    Can you unify all the keyboard threads?

    No problem with my "P" key, but my right-hand shift key has the same problem. Though it works, it doesn't seem to depress or click at all.
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    My "p" key has same issue; different feel and no consistent 'click'; added pressure still works every time, but very noticeable when testing.

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