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    now, this is probably nothing more than pure coincidence but...the battery on my treo 600 was working just fine up until I installed snapper 2 over version 1. That's the first coincidence. Since then, it can go from almost full to very very low in the space of about half a millisecond. And it always seems to do it just after snapper checks for mail on an auto fetch setting. When it's fetching mail, the screen goes blank or starts to flicker and often I have to reset it, and after the fetch is completed the batteyr low warning comes on. Anyone else having any problems like this ?
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    Not the flicker or blank screen, but I have noticed significant battery drain since installing 2.1. I may go back to 1.9.5.
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    i don't have the flicker but i do notice more battery drain since in installed the new snappermail version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elysian9
    Not the flicker or blank screen, but I have noticed significant battery drain since installing 2.1. I may go back to 1.9.5.
    I'm thinking of doing this too...I turned off the autofetch option last night and haven't used snappermail today and the battery has been fine with only minimal power loss.
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    well I deleted the latest version of snapper 2 and reinstalled snapper 1 and the battery has been fine for 4 whole days..perhaps not a coincidence after all
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    I've opened a trouble report with SM and have been commnunicating with them for a couple of days now. With regard to the battery drain, they claim they've never heard of this before, but they suggested this:

    "The best way to troubleshoot this is to watch the Connection Log when you
    notice the battery draining. Pay attention to how often it is connecting and
    how long the connections are (the DURATION line)."

    Then they suggested that I send them the connection log, the menu of which, by the way, is totally bugged with the 5-way.

    FYI: here is my submitted list of bugs with Premier edition FWIW.

    1. Significant battery drain starting immediately with the upgrade. This
    is also reported on T|C.

    2. In the folder drop-down list, Draft and Outbox folders often show 2/1 or
    2/2 or 2/0 even if there is absently NO mail at all in any of them. Opening
    the draft or outbox folder will clear the erroneous indications in the
    folder drop-down list.

    3. I prefer the T key for Trash as I cannot reach the D key with my left thumb at all. I wish that you could make that (T versus D) a user preference for Trashing, as left-handed Treo users are not exactly uncommon and the D key eliminates one of the main moves, i.e., moving mail from the inbox to trash with one hand

    4. There is a problem with the Connection Log Edit Menu. When selecting (with 5-way nav) anything from the edit menu (with a Treo 600) it cancels out of the prefs dialog back to the main mail dialog. Tapping the edit menu for copy or Select all works, so clearly there is a Treo 5-Way navigator bug.

    5. In Prefs/System/Applications “Open links with”: Regardless of which browser I set this to, it is always changed when I return to this dialog. For example: I have Avantgo, Blazer and Xiino (Default). I use Xiino to launch links, but am confounded when Snapper launches links with Avantgo, which, by the way, usually results in a reset. I have to go back into prefs, reset this configuration from the drop-down list and hope for the best.
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    I have also emailed them about the battery is only happening when snapper is auto fetching mail an d the battery will go from nearly full to empty in about 10 seconds flat, the connection time is similar as I don't have huge amounts of email.They told me to do the same thing as you but having changed back to version 1 things are back to normal. The problems were only with the latest upgrade version of 2. This is all a bit disappointing as I lost all my mail from snapper 2 which was stored on my memory card and they told me I can''t get it back !! boo hoo

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